Web Scraping Tools

web scraping tools

Tools particularly developed for extracting data from websites are known as web scraping tools or web scraping software. Web Scraping is the process of extracting data from the World Wide Web involving methods using the DOM parsing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and database systems with the goal to extract information from the unstructured Web and transform it into an understandable structured form for further use.

It is rightfully said that “Data are becoming the new raw material of business”. World Wide Web or Internet is an ocean of data. However, most of the data on the web is in unstructured form and hence it require a method and process to collect useful information from the web and transform it into structured, understandable and usable form. This is where web scraping comes into play.

Visual Web Ripper, Fminer, Mozenda Web Scraper, Ubot Studio, Web Content Extractor, UiPath, import.io, Outwit Hub, Screen Scraper, Easy Web Extract, WebHarvy, Web Sundew, Web Data Extractor, Helium Scraper, Web Extractor 360, Automation Anywhere are web scraping tools in no particular order.

Let us have a brief overview to few of the web scraping tools:

Visual Web Ripper

visual-web-ripper-scraping-toolVisual Web Ripper is a feature-rich, powerful and reliable web scraping tool ideal for small and mid sized businesses developed by Sequentum. It can extract content from web sites automatically and exports the content in structured form to databases, Excel Spreadsheets, CSV or XML. Yet for Professional web scraping, one requires specific skills like XPATH, scripting, Regex to extract some difficult content. Its key features are Visual Project Designer, Submitting forms, Scheduler, Proxy Support, Bypassing CAPTCHAs, Logging and the Programming Interface (Visual Web Ripper API). This web scraping tool costs USD 349 for Single User License with 6 months free maintenance, all upgrades and limited support.

Helium Scraper

helium scraperHelium Scraper is a reasonably low-cost solution for harvesting simple websites as well as complex websites. Helium Scraper is an easy to use web scraper having user friendly graphical interface. It has point and click user interface using which you just need to select what to extract. It has feature called “Action Tree” that specifies series of action to perform for extracting data from websites. One can create their own action trees with the help of JavaScript API. It also provides support for SQL scripts. It allows to export harvested data to different file formats like CSV, Access Database, XML, or custom format files. A wide collection of pre-build templates online is available for common web scraping tasks – Pretty cool!!! A free trial version for 10 days can be downloaded. It costs USD 99 for Single User License.

Screen Scraper – “Capture the Web”

screen scraper toolScreen Scraper is intelligent multi threaded web scraping tool that extract websites data efficiently and fast. It is cross platform data scraping tool having elegant graphical interface. It provides integration with most programming languages like Java, HP, .NET, ASP, Ruby, etc. Screen Scraper supports custom scripting in Interpreted Java, JScript, JavaScript, Python, and VBScript for advanced web extraction project. It supports submitting forms, navigating search results pages and downloading files. It allows to export extracted data to various formats like text, HTML, SQL Script File, MySQL Script File, XML file etc. The only drawback is it takes much time for a novice user to master the techniques. Basic Free Trial version can be downloaded. Screen Scraper costs USD 549 for Professional Edition and USD 2799 for Enterprise Edition.

OutWit Hub

outwit hub web scraping toolOutWit Hub is a general purpose web scraping software that automatically extracts and organizes the data and media from the World Wide Web(WWW). One can easily harvest links, images, email addresses, RSS feeds, data tables, etc. from collection of web pages without advanced technical knowledge and coding. OutWit Hub striking features include multiple pages navigation, multi threaded scraper, macro automation, scheduling facility. OutWith Hub is simple and suited for basic web extraction needs, however it lacks features like bypass CAPTCHAs, Proxy Support, Submitting Web Forms for advanced and professional web scraping. Harvested data can be exported to Text, CSV, HTML, Excel or SQL databases, while images and other types of files are directly saved to your hard disk. You can download and try the free OutWit Hub light version with limited features or Purchase Pro Version with USD 89.90 or Enterprise Version with USD 495.

Mozenda Web Scraper

mozenda web scraperMozenda as it claims is a #1 web scraping tool. Mozenda allows you to extract, organize and export website’s content in the most effective and efficient way. Mozenda – Web Scraping Software has a large set of features useful for making web scraping task easier. Mozenda is a cloud based web scraping software in which first one need to create web scraping project locally using windows application called “agent builder” and then one need to deploy it on the cloud with the help of “Mozenda Web Console”. Cloud based solution provides benefits like high performance, improved accessibility, rapid deployment, flexibility, ease of use, and scalability. Some powerful features includes multi threaded, auto populate input boxes, download images & files, track history, publishing & exporting, error handling, scheduling & notifications, full featured API, Proxy Support(Anonymous Scraping). Mozenda also provides Data As A Service(DAAS) that means they can build, maintain, and host data scraping project for us. Mozenda Professional Services plans cost ranges from USD 99-199/month.

import.io crawler

import.io crawlerImport.io is crawler a free cloud based web scraping tool to harvest data from websites. As it says “Instantly Turn Web Pages into Data”, using import.io crawler one can make an API to a webpage with ease. The API defines what to harvest from a web page. Then you define which web pages you want to convert to data and execute those as queries through the import.io API. Import.io is a free web scraping tool which is currently in beta and lacks support for bypassing CAPTCHAs. import.io is difficult to learn for non-technical user, lacks programming API support, and have problems scraping websites with AJAX.


Fminer Visual scraping toolFminer is easy to use visual Web Scraping Tool with Macro Recorder and Diagram Designer that allows you to build data extraction project in few minutes. Fminer is developed using Python which is widely used in developing crawlers and scrapers by the programmers. Fminer is best suited for extracting dynamic website that uses AJAX and JavaScript. It supports best in class features like auto populating and submitting forms, multi-threaded crawlers, bypass CAPTCHAs, embedded python code, scheduler, many export options, RegEx Support and email reports. Give it a try by downloading Free Trial of Fminer or Purchase Fminer Basic Version with USD 168 and Fminer Pro version with USD 248.

Ubot Studio

ubot studioUBot Studio is Web Automation Software to help internet marketers automatically complete simple and complex tasks. UBot Studio allows non-programmers build custom web bots as easily as surfing the web using drag-and-drop visual scripting language. It has wide variety of features like Visual UI Designer, Record and Playback, Auto fill forms, Solve CAPTCHAs, Proxy Support, make executable of your scripts(with your branding), The Bot Bank – pre-programmed library of scripts, create custom commands, debugger, built-in RegEx builder and Web Inspector, database integration, multi threading, scheduling, socket interaction, image recognition and many more. The only negative point is that there is a high learning curve to Ubot Studio.

Web Content Extractor

web content extractor economic scraperWeb Content Extractor is a professional web scraping tool developed not only to carry out the most of tedious operations automatically, but also to greatly increase productivity and effectiveness of the web scraping process. Web Content Extractor is very efficient and accurate for extracting data from a website with few clicks. The tool provides you a friendly wizard enabled interface for web data extraction without doing any line of coding. One can export extracted data into many file formats and database. It supports advanced project customization through Crawler Rules, customizable extraction patterns, adjustable data fields for very specific web scraping requirements. Web Content Extractor many useful features like anonymous scraping via proxy, can resolve URL redirect, download images etc. You can download free trial version or You can purchase it with just USD 59. Really economical cost and worth the money!

Easy Web Extractor

easy web extract dataEasy Web Extract as it name says is easy-to-use web scraping tool to extract data from websites and export data into multiple file formats and database. Easy Web Extract provides step by step wizard-based interface for creating data extraction project easily. Easy Web Extract key features are proxy configuration, multi-threaded web ripper, works with AJAX, project auto-run scheduler, custom transformation scripting support, delay, submit forms etc. You can purchase single user license at the cost of USD 59 which is quite economical. Isn’t it??? Or download a trial version!